Working sheepdogs for sale - Victoria, Australia

Sheepdog pups for sale

Carefully bred for 30 years, aiming to breed high-quality, all-round working sheepdog pups for paddock and yard, sheep, goats and cattle.

border collie sheep dog pups feedingContrary to common practice, Campaspe pups are NOT sold at weaning age. 

Rather, all Campaspe pups are reared until approximately 4-5 months old before being sold. At that age, they are keen to work and showing interest on sheep (see the many videos of Campaspe pups when first introduced to sheep on this website, or the example below). This means you have a vastly better chance of getting a good quality pup. On the other hand, buying an 8 week old pup is a HUGE gamble, and often leads to disappointment. However, once pups have starting “working”, many of the instincts related to working livestock are showing, they can be much more accurately evaluated. 

This is something I have done for every litter I have breed for last 30 years, except the very first litter. I kept one pup from that first litter, and it turned out only average. However, one I sold turned into an exceptional sheepdog (Murphy’s Law). And, try as I might, I couldn’t buy the good pup back! I learnt my lesson, and ever since I have reared all pups until they can be more accurately assessed. 

This provides two enormous benefits:

  1. Firstly, the best pups can be identified and retained for breeding. This translates into the quality of the Campaspe Working Dogs improving at a much faster rate, and to a much higher level, than if I was just guessing and only keeping one pup for further evaluation.
  2. And secondly, the right pup can be matched to the right buyer. This will depend on the work they have for the pup, and also on the buyer’s individual preferences. For example, some people might prefer a dog with a bit more eye, or a bit less, or a quieter worker, or a more forceful worker, and so on. And although I don’t breed different lines for different purposes (I only aim to breed high-quality all-round dogs capable of any job), there are always individual variations between litters and between pups. 

So all Campaspe sheepdog pups are sold at 4-5 months of age once they are keen and showing interest. They will have been taught to lead and tie up, and been given a free rein on sheep to encourage keenness and for evaluation. They have no other training. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Campaspe Working Dog pup, contact Tully on 0417 386 346, or alternatively use the contact form email.  If you are on the subscription email list, I will sometimes put out an email regarding pups for sale (if they haven’t already been spoken for). 

Started sheepdog pups/dogs for sale

Started sheepdog pups and dogs of various ages and at various stages of training are often available for sale.

Campaspe sheepdog started dog for saleQuite often now when rearing a litter of pups and evaluating them on sheep, I will struggle to make up my mind as to which pup to retain for breeding. In a litter, there might be a number with similar very high levels of natural ability. In that case, I often retain two or three for further evaluation as they start their training. Then I will sell these other started pups at various stages as their evaluation progresses. I also have some dogs I have retained for breeding, but have then retained a pup from them that is superior, in which case I will sell on the older dog and keep the younger. I aim to always keep the genetics improving with every generation, and always hope for something superior to its parents in every litter. So these started dogs often come up for sale. 

I will generally advertise these when I have one for sale via email to those on the subscription list, or when people contact me looking for started dogs will sell them directly. Contact us for availability

Fully trained sheep and cattle dogs for sale

Campaspe Carbon fully trained sheepdog at workFully trained sheepdogs are occasionally available for sale. Inquire for availability. 

I will generally advertise these when I have one for sale via email to those on the subscription list, or when people contact me looking for fully trained dogs will sell them directly. Contact us for availability

…amazing temperament with a great desire to work…
Hi Tully, Just a note to let you know how happy I am with Campaspe Ginger aka Meggs. She has an amazing temperament with a great desire to work and she is my ever constant companion. Everyone who sees her gives a compliment and she even received a round of applause at a working dog school. She can work 2500 flighty dorpers on her own through the draft and actually makes me look like I know what I’m doing! Sadly though she got caught in a fence and damaged her knee ligament which required surgery so now I keep her work very limited. Are you taking any more orders for pups or have any dogs for sale at the moment? Kind regards,
Rebecca Dodd
The most enjoyable dog I have ever had…everything you would look for in an outstanding stockdog
The most direct thing I can say, is that Ki is the most enjoyable dog I have ever had. He is a wonderful dog and I am thrilled to death with him – smart, biddable, driven with a wonderful, forgiving temperament. In short, he is everything that you would look for in an outstanding stockdog. He is such a pleasure, that I have already begun making plans with Tully to obtain another pup a few years down the line. After having one of these dogs, I really don’t want to be without one again. I would enthusiastically recommend Campaspe Working Dogs to anyone looking for a source of high quality, working stockdogs. P.S. I certainly could have put together something much more comprehensive but didn’t know if you had the room. Am always glad to get a chance to say how wonderful Ki is.
Mark Buckmaster - Calera, Alabama USA
Everything Tully advertises his dogs to be with great natural ability
I purchased a pup from Tully (4 months old) about 18 months ago and I have been extremely happy with her. Lyn has been everything Tully advertises his dogs to be with great Natural Ability, bold and calm and lots of brains; she is very good at handling the most difficult of sheep or situations and equally capable of handling mobs, single sheep and ewes and lambs or anything else I throw at her; I have found her to be easy to train and easy to have around as part of the team…best of all she’s a great mate. I will certainly be going back for my next pup.
Lauren Hooper
Just ordered my third dog…a very tough and hardy line of Border Collie
Just ordered my third dog from Tully. I have found the Campaspe dogs to be a very tough and hardy line of Border Collie. My previous two bitches have been very reliable, they never let me down when things got tough which is something I need when I’m out mustering on my own on a horse. I like the fact that you don’t need to be a top dog handler because they have a lot of the right instincts and pick things up very quickly. It’s good to know when ordering from Tully I’m guaranteed to get a handy pup. I can highly recommend this line of Border Collie to anyone looking for a good working dog.
Tim Napadowski
Exactly what you advertise your dogs to be
Hi Tully, Hope all is well with you are your pack. Just a quick note to tell you how very happy we have been with Hana. She is such a great natured beautiful dog who is such a larrikin and a much loved mate to us. Working sheep well (despite her dodgy trainer!), very obedient, calm and confident, and a real thinker. She is exactly what you advertise your dogs to be. Thank you very much. Kind Regards
Brylie McAuley
A wonderful experience
Owning and working a well-balanced, intelligent, eager, bold and friendly dog is a wonderful experience. I have been fortunate to experience this with Campaspe Loch, whom I purchased from Tully 5 years ago. In a one person operation running sheep, all tasks were required of Loch, and he became proficient easily. This includes casting, droving, working big mobs to single sheep, yard work and shed work. I am very pleased with Tully's dog, showing a well bred dog, very much suitable to Australian working farm conditions.
Daryl Pagan - Victoria