Campaspe Working Dog Videos

On this page are various sheepdog videos of Campaspe Working Dogs and their ancestors.

  1. First up are Campaspe Working Dog pups given a completely free reing to show their natural instinct without any interference (no small round yards with rakes to influence them).
  2. Next are videos of older Campaspe dogs (and their ancestors) at various stages of training.
  3. And finally a few videos of training related aspects.

PLEASE NOTE: New videos are on Rumble – Click here.
I no longer upload to Youtube due to their censorship and anti-free speech policies. 

Natural Ability
Campaspe Working Dog pups showing their natural ability (instinct)

Campaspe Workings Dogs at various stages of training

Campaspe Workings Dogs demonstrating some aspects of training

Note: These are not tutorial videos as such. For actual tutorial videos demonstrating and explaining how to train sheepdogs, visit Masterclass Working Sheepdog Training.

Ancestors and relations of the Campaspe Working Dog line

Like to see more? The DVD A Few Good Dogs includes over 2 1/2 hours of video of many of the foundation dogs and others.

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  1. Happy NewYear Tully I hope your keeping well and safe. How are the young dogs coming on and is it possible to have a video of some on your website so I can share with my fellow farmers and shepherds Thank you. Kind Regards Hefin


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